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My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Part of the day!

Red morning walks alone.

Symbol of much follows him;

Symbol of sacrifice talks to him!

Symbol of crowd is beside around;

Symbol of chaos calculates surroundings!

Symbol of few is chopping calculations with arithmetic thoughts:

Common tea-stall gossiping becomes romantic with neighbor rickshaw-music!

Red morning gradually turns busy noon with rhythmic contractions following great care!

Poor generals knock at the door of sacrifice,

As they were dreaming from few days!

They’ll go home with dreams at 11:00pmOr far or close near the time!

All together they’ll be stitching dreams till next morning near their home.

Now it’s 12:35 pm;

Chopping sound reminds me to join with kitchen equipment

By slowing down burner controlling potato’s hot water!

Start playing with eggplants within few minutes!

Here is part of the day;

Rest day is walking through…

Be it or not!

If you’re locked down

Open your mind to calm down!

Keep belcony and windows in there.

Look here and there

Stand at your window for moments!

Be a singing bird whatever your tone is!

Enjoy unlimited flying.

Go some countries

Through Imagination by books or mobile screen

Look what is different

Meet some likable work

Listen them

Enjoy their simplicity!

Doing such if you feel bore

Come to the reality!

Wash cloths/plates

Or sweep away the dust…

Or prepare something

Or do what’s needed.

Make tea/coffee

Together with enjoy your heart song…

Again back to the pavilion!

Start dreaming

Start loving

Start enjoying

Feel  the begining of sorrow

but never regret for anything!

You’ve come alone

You’ll go alone

At the mid make some funny or boring jokes whatever you like!

Life is a stupid game

Don’t take it serious but

Be serious about your existance to you!

Be not what is liked by others

Rather be such how your soul likes to be!

Precious You Are!

The most romantic poem will never be written
For short of words and feelings;
The saddest poem will never be published
For too much love’s sad satiety;
Both will be kept hidden in tears.
We are the only viewers of those strong emotional words!
You’re too precious!
For the same reason those poems are also invaluable and viewless!
Those can never be public;
They like to be indulged in you
I have hidden you on the core of my heart
Until Heaven comes after Death!

Be my poem!

Look here! Will you be my poem?

If agree; let’s go for a long drive!
We will have no specific destination
Still ofcourse we will stop where our mind whistles together!
Do you know?
Just like your name you‘re morning glitters!

I will say: Come with me & hold my hands, as if I were flying;
The truth is my love’s flying together with you.
You’re composing outmost desire in me!
Be my poem and the little drops of your presence will touch me.
O my sweetest inspiration!
Words will be overwhelmed with emotions;
Those emotions together with sweet words will be turned into eternal loverose!

In mind I must have the taste of flowing wind,
Unlimited words of soothing rain drops,the whole sky
With whole earth!
O love! will you be my eternal poem?

Don’t you know that
It is more pleasant to be drowned in love
Than to be drowned in fear!

Yesterday Night!

Yesterday night I missed to write two poems!
One was the nicest romantic poem
And other was the finest sweet poem!
I tried to write…
Most of the time it happens.
Poem & sleep come together!
Sometimes poem wins;
Sometimes sleep wins;

For a short time, both fail to sleepless pillow!
Last night sleepless pillow won!

I lost my most romantic poem
Where my love was in silent words!
A sleepless pillow came & I became a painter.
My canvas was his back upper landscape!
Such lively sleeping silent & innocent canvas!
I used only two colours…
White & Black, most generous!
Just like Life & Death!
I love death if it is held in perfect time.
I feel nervous if it is held different…
Life & Death are eternal love!

Just now I’m missing the next poem to write
Because of life within death loving.

Be the Only star

Be the only star if it’s needed.

Raise your own voice against the group if the group is wrong!

Be the shining star against all darkness.

Slap the disorder what wrong doers think strict order.

Slap the system what is going wrong.

Make your conscience to be your only master.

Don’t allow anyone to use your voice for their self interest.

Be the fire for the wrong

And prove them wrong.

Be the inspiration & be liberal for good.

Never be the cat rather

Be the lion of your own thoughts!

Stand up for the roars you’ve.

You’re the only star for your conscience

What god has sent only for you.

You’re god’s creation;

You’re amusing;

You’re the only star!

Walk with full confidence

Where you’re the owner of your conscience!

My Winter Love

If winter comes I dive myself

 Into the infinitive motion!

I find one swimming pool moment

Where I can hide with excessive joy.

Diving into myself isn’t possible always

As I’ve responsibilities;

Still I want to swim the dive!

I pour myself into dare!

Sometimes I invite my soulmate

To walk, to talk, to sing to do whatever he likes.

We share our stupidity;

We share our childish smile;

We share our warm.

Sometimes he gives me a sky of pain

Sometimes I offer him a glass of love juice

Sometimes he gives me sweet memories

Sometimes I offer him absent mind!

Sometimes I become angry & say to him,

Love isn’t here;

True is that actual love governs us

And its depth is unimaginable!

The girl within a girl!

I love the girl within the girl.

She is too pretty in mind that

 It’s totally impossible

To posturize!

I’m the eternal follower of that girl.

I always talk to her;

But she doesn’t respond.

She responds when she wants!

To me she is a glimpse;

She is what that I want to be;

She lives a peaceful life.

She is satisfied with what she has;

Still she loves to run more.

To me she is a flowering river;

To me she is the charming;

To me she is all

For what I love to fall.


Are you free now?

Let’s meet in our literary field!

It’s a field where we sow our seeds.

Our seeds are our words!

Tender our seeds with care

As it’s for our generation here.

Vigorous Earth!

The earth sometimes seems to me melodious;
Sometimes the earth worried;
Sometimes peaceful;
Sometimes absurd;
Sometimes loving;
Sometimes dead.
Sometimes feel awkward !
Sometimes The earth seems to me vast
Sometimes too tiny,
Sometimes honest ,
Or orderly managed!
Then I stop myself from that over thinking.

Sometimes very much disorder
Sometimes sick
Sometimes playboy
Sometimes analytical
Sometime purposeless
Sometimes Moving
Sometimes fixed with God’s designs!

ls it the expression of something instead of the earth?
Who is the subject here?
Me or earth or anything else?
Searching the answer
And searching myself also

Who is searching?
I’m searching
Or God is searching
Or the earth is searching…?