My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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To Glimpse

I don’t know you

I have no idea about you

I heard the name of your several times!

I liked that

I found somthing different expression

I’ve never searched that expression!

Should I give any name of that expression?

That was unknown expression!

Nothing bad or nothing too good!

I found you in my surroundings.

Never think need to know you.

Some years with some months have been passed away!

On a sudden I found you at the edge of my culture.

I noticed but said to you nothing.

Once I found glimpse of something in you!

Something knocked at me to give you some sunshine.

I heard the advice of my mind.

I spreaded tiny inspirations!

It worked out!

It’s coming to me.

At first I wanted to hide myself from the flowing.

Alas! It’s naturally impossible.

The flowing drove me unknowingly.

I became allart.

Conversation has made hiden sign.

I warned you with hints!

Thanks God.

You realised my one.

Twisted yourself!

At the mid of this there was a war

Where I found your courageous step!

I learnt something slightly.

From everything learning

Is my outmost Passion!

I’ve used some glimpse again!

Hope, it’ll work.

Hope for the best!

September Rain!

Rain beats upon my mind by its silver drops.

I can touch the raw smell of rain.

I like its stubborn falling down!

l count rain as my eternal love essence.

With sudden presence of rain I become nervous!

l feel trembling!

Oh! my September rain

Forget me never,

I’m here

TO be your forever.

Would you wait for me please?

You feel joy, I feel pain.

You mean silly conversation!

I value much.

When you say something I count,

Become careful and

Continuously judge myself

At the end of the day find nothing.

Become tired…

Now I’m so tired

Still continuing to hear that judgement….

Sometimes feel exhausted….

Saying nothing to you,

Again want to hear more and more

Judgement from you!

I want to know thyself from you,

I only care you,

Only count you,

Only fear you,

Only only

 It’s you

For whom I become dare

To do anything!

It’s you, my love!

I’m here for you,

Would you wait for me please?

Childhood Sweet Dream

In my childhood,
I always used to have a very sweet dream.
In my dream I found my place in a forest.
In that forest I found my existence.
In my existence I found my pleasure.
In my pleasure I found myself.
In my myself I found enjoyment.
In my enjoyment I found fresh air.
In that fresh air there was purity.
In that purity I found my completion.

In reality I’m searching & searching!

Where is my real place?
Where is my completion?
Are you here?
Are you there?
Where? where?
I want to get you,
Where is my forest?
Where is my existence?
Where is me?
I’m searching myself…..
Where is my real place?
Where is my completion?


Don’t go away little love!
Don’t leave everything!
Listen here!
Stay here!
Be you such!
Just like pure thoughts.
I don’t want to be your heartbeat!
I don’t want to hold you!
I don’t want to be reason of your hands shaking
I don’t want to be your reason!
Never say me the reason of your anything.
Don’t allow me fall down,
Don’t allow me losing hope,
Just forget me.
Be blessed doing that…
Come true,
Be a real man.
Be true like real dream
And never say,
I need you to see.

This is my last & final Warning
To you what I mean.

# Threat Poem

Unbearable beauty

I never want to go there!

If I ever go I must die with such beauty.

My eyes will be burst into tears!

My emotion won’t be under control,

Tears without asking will dare to be flowing.

Here Silver Hills, Creamy Clouds, Blue Sky,

Curved Path, Tiny Trees, Mysterious Landscape

Everything is calling me so closely!

Oh! I can’t imagine;

No need to be friend with such uncontrollable beauty!

How dare they (feelings) will be like that!

Won’t you hear me?

Go…go…go away from here!

I need emotional strength

To endure such unbearable beauty!

# Some photos of Jasper skytram, Alberta (from my adorable one) have surprised me with its excellent beauty.

To You!

It’s a room for you,

For me it’s a world

Or it’s a universe.

I’m one substance,

You’re the other,

Nothing is less,

Nothing is more.

As usual is everything,

No need to count,

No need to be serious,

Let that be gone!

Even no need to look away.

Remain just as you are.

What you think may be good,

What you think may be bad,

No need to count Good or Bad,

Good will be bad,

Bad will be good,

All things flow and change

And even change is not absolute.

These are the playing games

Of our loving God !

Be cool as just like God .

He creates everything

Still He remains silent.

Who are you for making such noise?

(Reff: All things flow and change And even change is not absolute By D.H Lawrence)